Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Worsening Austin Traffic Prompts Talk of Toll Road Swap

2.     Category: Transportation

3.     Level: State/local

4.     This concerns everyone who depends on 1-35 to drive through Austin.

5.     This article concerns drivers in Austin and anyone who goes there because the traffic is too congested. The Texas Department of Transportation is trying to find ways to keep the congestion at a minimum.

6.     I think the traffic congestion really needs to be addressed because the population is growing and there needs to be a more efficient way for everything to flow. The article talked about switching I-35 with SH 130, making the highway a toll road and the toll road free. I think that is something that should really be considered because it would dodge the need for construction. Everyone always gets frustrated with construction and if it can be avoided then I am all for it. It could also save money if drastic construction isn’t needed, like redesigning or adding roads. The problem that could hold back the switch of those roads is if it will be legal or not. If it turns out not to work then another creative alternative can be worked on.

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  1. I agree with you that the traffic in Austin is getting out of control. I was born and raised in Austin and have never seen traffic this bad. However, I don't think that switching the toll road with the highway is the solution to this dilemma for a couple of reasons. First off, SH 130 cuts east and trails way off of the main route. It would cause a longer distance for most to travel. Also, SH 130 is only two lanes. I feel that even though the speed limit is higher, congestion would pick up quickly on this two lane highway. I know that I have been cruising on this road before and all it takes is one slow person and you are stuck for a while. Though sending people to travel on SH 130 would eliminate the need for construction, I feel that there have to be better options out there then to send people so far east on a two lane highway. Another huge issue that arise with the switching of these two major highways, is the fact that they want to charge a toll or I-35. I feel that this would cause major issues as it is such a main highway. The article states that central Austin is the most congested part of I-35 in the state of Texas. This shows something needs to be done, but it also proves that multiple people rely on this free route daily. I think that the major issue is the fact that Austin only has a few main highways; Mopac, I-35, 360 and 2222 are the only true highways that the city has to offer. Whether the answer is freeways and pass-overs, or more routes along the main road, something needs to be done. I agree that some other creative alternative needs to be worked out