Friday, November 1, 2013

Efforts to Lower Homicide Rates


2. Level: Local(city)

3. Category: Homicide Policies

4. This article informs readers about the policies that govern "the bad guy". This talks about the stop and frisk policy that is practiced in New York City.

5. How does this affect individuals/families?
-Individuals will be greatly affected by these policies. The article mentions that once the crime rates began to lower, the policies were less acceptable to citizens. I do not think that many people would be alright with the stop and frisk protocol.

6. My Views:
-While considering the homicide rates, it is obvious that they are high and more of a problem ever. Each state has the right to have their own policies for a homicide program. I think that the stop and frisk program is a good start but it may become unacceptable for many. I believe that people do not think about their safety any more than they think about their rights. I think that the majority of citizens will prefer to not have to worry about being "frisked" or think about that because that sounds harsh and could be considered a violation. This process also posses a question of discrimination. Just like with any major policy, if it seems on the edge of discrimination then people will let the government know how they feel. Reducing the homicide rate definitely needs to be a top priority. However, I do not think that the stop and frisk method is the best option. I think that they city can come up with better alternatives to help decrease the rate.

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