Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Paralyzed deer hunter chooses to end life support

1. http://hosted2.ap.org/TXNEW/cbf3767d533b4c4aae30db330aaf62aa/Article_2013-11-05-Injured%20Hunter's%20Choice/id-4c6c0c1519a84cc8b4ee1be21dde396c

2. Category: Health

3. Level: State (IN)

4. This article concerns a man that was severely injured in a deer hunting accident.

5. This affects individuals and families because this man, who was severely hurt in a deer hunting accident was on a breathing machine and his family was given the choice whether he should continue to be on machines the rest of his life or be taken off and passing away. The family chose to give Tim the decision to make for himself, allowing him to be autonomous.

6. I like the fact that the family allowed Tim to decide for himself. They wanted to hear his decision, although they already knew that he would not want to live on life support the rest of his life. I believe that allowing a person to make their own decisions (for as long as they are capable of making them) and being autonomous is key in self rights. If kept on life support, Tim would never be able to be able to hold his child and more than likely wouldn't be able to sit up for long. Tim even told his sister previously that he did not want to spend his life in a wheelchair, which would probably have happened, since he was paralyzed from the neck down. The family wanted Tim to make the decision for him self, and is satisfied that he was able to make that decision up until his last breath. His sister said that he never second guessed his decision and they spent the last five hours together in a hospital room, packed with 75 people, celebrating his life.

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