Thursday, October 31, 2013

Terrorism Could Never Threaten American Values—the 'War on Terror' Does

1. Terrorism Could Never Threaten American Values—the 'War on Terror' Does. (2013 October 30) The Atlantic.

2. Category of problem: National security

3. Level of problem: National level

4. The article concerns: Recent reports revealing the NSA's unlawful conduct including spying on foreign governments and hacking into Google and Yahoo's cloud computing mainframes, and the role of the September 11th terrorist attacks in the NSA's behavior.

5. Why this is important: The importance of this issue is twofold. (1) Because the NSA's behavior has come to light, the American government has damaged a basic trusting relationship with the rest of the world and with American businesses whom were subject to spying, and (2) it is critical to dissect the relationship between the September 11th attacks, the NSA's conduct, and American values relating to freedom and privacy in order to analyze our nation and our government's behavior.

6. My views on this issue/policy: I agree with certain aspects of the article and not with others. I agree that at a critical time of national vulnerability and patriotism, the government's initiatives to encourage consumerism and declare war (both physically and figuratively) were inopportune and woefully irresponsible. I also agree that we are experiencing the harmful consequences of those decisions to this day. However, I disagree that the NSA's conduct is closely tied to the September 11th attacks.

Various records hold that the NSA (or similar government groups) have been spying on foreign governments (and domestic citizens) long prior to 2001. In the 1920's a military group of code breakers referred to as "Black Chamber" actively monitored international telegraphs with express permission from Western Union personnel. In 1952 the NSA was established from SHAMROCK, a military operative which monitored international communication during WWII. In 1959 a law was passed which provided the NSA with the ability to, "function without the disclosure of information which would endanger the accomplishment of its functions." Since then, whistle blowing has brought to light decades of illicit spying conducted by the NSA, from the MINARET project in the 1960's to today's global network of computers, ECHELON, being used to data mine millions of domestic phone calls and e-mails.

I think it's important to point out that the September 11th attacks are not a cause (or excuse) for the NSA's behavior and to belittle the issue of government spying to a desperate and fearful response to a recent event completely ignores the existence of a deeper problem which is the US government's habit of spying, and the legislation which perpetuates it (such as the recent Patriot Act). Today's reports of the NSA's spying should lead to a conversation about the US' history of spying, and how we can increase government transparency and promote a system of global checks and balances. The War on Terror is still, and always will be, a red herring. 

Ban on Gay Bias Gains Key Supporter in the Senate

1. Ban on Gay Bias Gains Key Supporter in the Senate. (2013 October 30) New York Times.

2. Category of problem: Gay rights, employer discrimination

3. Level of problem: National level

4. The article concerns: The pending state of the Employee Nondiscrimination Act; a bill which renders all discriminatory workplace practices regarding sexual orientation and gender expression illegal. After nearly forty years, the bill has finally received enough congressional support to produce a substantial probability that it will become law.

5. Why this is important: If the Employee Nondiscrimination Act becomes law, it will become illegal for employers to discriminate against (prospective, current or past) employees based on their sexual orientation and/or gender expression. Employees who feel they have been discriminated based on these criteria will now be able to seek justice and/or compensation in a civil court.

6. My views on this issue/policy: I feel that the Employee Nondiscrimination Act will be one of the greatest victories for gay rights to date and I'm ecstatic that it's being supported by party members on both sides of the aisle. The ability to acquire a job, as well as work in a safe and supportive environment, are among the most integral foundations for health and success in the US.

When a certain demographic (in this case the LGBTQ community) experiences systematic oppression, such as work or voting discrimination, it results in perpetuated oppression of that demographic. Systematic oppression of LGBTQ people have contributed to higher rates of suicide, mental and physical health problems and decreased access to medical care. To deny an entire demographic the right to fight discrimination in the workplace creates a substantial disadvantage in terms of that demographic's ability to get and secure a job, and subsequently attain health and success. Without laws in place to protect the workplace rights of the LGBTQ community, the community will be crippled by its oppressors and thus doomed to a perpetuated cycle of oppression.

American values espouse a system of upward mobility, civil rights and fairness for all; to neglectfully allow discrimination against LGBTQ individuals to persist is to disregard defining American laws and values and ignore the fundamental rights of an entire group of people based solely on the fact that their sexual practices are (debate-ably) in conflict with a Christian text.

For this bill to not pass would be simply unacceptable.

Abortion Restriction


2. Level: National

3. Category: Health Policy

4. This article is about abortion restrictions that have been recently considered unconstitutional in Oklahoma.

5. This could affect citizens all over the United States. These individuals that would be wanting an abortion may find it difficult if the restrictions were deemed unconstitutional.

6. According to the article about the new abortion restrictions, Oklahoma has demanded a review. I think some of the restrictions that have been previously considered may make some harsh demands. I am not for abortion nor do I support the clinics that do those procedures. I do agree everyone has the right to do what they think is right. It is a fine line for many people. Of course abortion being as controversial as it is, it is hard to talk about with out having a clear stand for one side or the other. I believe this is why the government has struggled to make everyone happy in the law making processes. Someone will always disagree with the law. Oklahoma is stating that the new law is unconstitutional because it "effectively bans all medication abortions". If this is true then the law would not say that FDA protocol must be followed. Oklahoma is wanting to protect woman's health and I think there should be exceptions that protect those women. We want the best for ourselves as citizens. Personally, I think it would be much safer to not have abortions and the least amount of medication we are putting I our bodies, the better. On the other hand, I think that the law is really limiting human rights. We do certainly need regulations so that immoral acts do not occur. Like I said, before it is a fine line for this topic and a lot of gray areas do exist. When reading this article I found out I do still have a lot of questions about the abortion laws. There are many different aspects that should be considered than just those that are frequently talked about.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Safety Worries Lead to "Trunk-or-Treating"


2. Category of Issue: Safety

3. Level of Issue: National

4. This article concerns families and individuals who have gotten so wrapped up in everything bad that can happen they are not even enjoying their life, or letting there kids live their life without fear. There is no policy about this.

5. This article affects families and individuals by affecting their value of life. Parents in the 21st century are so concerned with the safety of their children, and sometimes rightfully so, they forget to let them enjoy the things they once got to enjoy as children. This affects everyone these days due to the amount of violence and craziness that is happening in our world. 

6. My Views
- I would be so upset with my parents if, when I was younger, they didn't allow me to go trick-or-treating. Is "trunk-or-treating" really the new thing that is coming into our world. Even though these parents have taken this safety thing way over board, they have a right for feeling this way. When my parents were younger, there were no cell phones, people didn't stay at home playing video games, children and teenagers were allowed to roam the streets all day and not have their parents fear where they were. I can remember a story my mom tells when she was younger her mom would give her 2 dollars for the day and she would be gone ALL day, again with no cell phone or no way to check in. Now, parents feel the need to know where their children are at at all times and fear for their safety whenever they are not in their sight. I hate that this is what our world has come to. More importantly, our nation. Violence, kidnapping, abuse, molestation, drug addiction and so many more issues have become so common that parents feel like they can't even take their children trick or treating anymore? I could not have agreed more with Lenore Skenazy, who let's her children roam the streets of New York during trick-or-treating. This is the one night they get to explore and have fun on their own. People these days live in fear, 24/7. As much as I think we need to keep our children safe, we can't instill fear into them. She said it perfectly when she replies to other adults questioning her about letting her kids go trick or treating on their own. She calmly states, you let your kids go to your relatives? No one thinks of it this way, but more kids are molested or abducted by their own families then by strangers. Anything can happen on any given day, to anyone. People shouldn't fear on holidays. Let your kids go trick or treating, if you don't think it's safe, then go with them. Don't take away their childhood because you are scared of what might happen.

F.B.I Beings in Police Shooting of Teenager


2. Category of Issue: Gun Control/Violence

3. Level of Issue: Local, State, and National

4. This article concerns families and individuals all over the nation concerned with their young tween children playing with play toys. There are policies established already for gun control, however, with toy guns this was a huge misunderstanding and over-reacting by the cops.

5. This article affects families and individuals by putting fear into the average americans whose children play with toy guns as well as toy manufacuterers and companies who are involved with distributing toy guns that are beginning to look so real that cops are starting to see them and fear for themselves. 

6. My Views
- When I saw this on the news I was very alarmed so I decided to look this up in the newspaper and do this as my article. I was instantly saddened at the fact that a poor 13 year old boy was killed for walking down the streets with a toy gun. When I started to talk about this issue with other people a couple new understandings were brought to me eyes. When the cops saw the young boy walking down the street they thought he was an older man due to the fact that he was wearing a hoodie. When they instantly saw that, what they thought at the time was a rifle, they took cover and called for back-up. When I look at it this way, the cops yelled at the boy twice to place the gun on the ground and he didn'.t Some articles say that he even rose the gun to his face to make it look like he was about to shoot. So, when looking at it this way I can understand why the cops feared for there lives. It is hard to comprehend this and even for a little bit be on the cops side knowing that the poor boy was only 13. Another thing to look at and something that is being investigated with the manufacturer of this toy gun. Was there the orange plastic tip that all fake guns are supposed to have? Did the boy take this off or color it in? Or did the manufacturer not put it on there. When I talked to a couple different guys about this they said when they were little they always took off the orange plastic tip, making it from a distance look much more real. I am a firm believer that death is never the answer. Cops are trained to be able to shoot a gun and protect themselves and there community. I agree with this. If they felt in legitament danger for any reason they have a right and a duty to protect themselves. But is killing them the answer? Again, cops are trained to shoot guns at certain targets. Could the cop not have shot him somewhere that would have injured him rather then killing him? Again, it is even hard for me to fathom the cops shooting at all in this situation.  But, if the boy did these actions with the gun and the cop seriously feared for his own life, maybe we need to start training cops to react in different ways to protect themselves and us without death being there number one option.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Drug Tests Falter as Way for States to Deny Public Aid


2. Category: Health/welfare

3. Level: National

4. This article concerns people who receive government aid.

5. The issue is whether or not drug testing government aid recipients is a waste of money or if it even works. This will affect people who receive aid because they will either be drug tested regularly or be tested under suspicion.

6. My view on the issue is I don't think the regular drug testing is that effective. I feel like people who receive government assistance can't really afford drugs often so there wouldn't be too many people testing positive. If there are not a lot of people who are testing positive for drugs then it becomes a waste of money to have these programs. That money could be used to give a little more to the recipients who receive government assistance. I think suspicion-based testing would save money because it would only be for people who are more likely to test positive rather than wasting money on every individual.

Friday, October 25, 2013

F.D.A. Urging a Tighter Rein on Painkillers


2. Category: Health

3. Level: National

4. This article concerns individuals and families across the nation who get prescriptions for pain killers and tightening the reins on them.

5. This new policy that is being urged affects everyone who has a prescription to pain killers because there will be more strict procedures for refills. The policy will enforce a three month prescription rather than at six months.

6. I think something needs to be done to help keep people safe. Prescription drugs play a big role in suicides and overdoses that having stricter procedures just makes sense. It will be more of a hassle for people who need them for a long term if they have to be going to the doctor every three months but if their illness is that severe then maybe they should be going to the doctor anyway. Drug abuse is just such an epidemic now that we have to do what it takes to prevent addictions and death. I hope this policy does get adopted and changes are made to keep people safe.

Suspect in San Marcos Double Homocide


2. Category of Issue: Homocide

3. Level of Issue: Local

4. This article concerns residents, families, students, co-workers, individuals and the entire community of San Marcos.

5. This article affects families and individuals by the tragedy and fear set into those who were close to the victims or those who just knew of them. This article affects the entire community, making them fearful, sad, and confused as ever. These poor victims left a legacy behind that San Marcos will continue to carry on.

6. My Views
- I just want to start this article by giving my thoughts and prayers to the victims families and friends. I wanted to write about this article because it affected so many people close to me, especially throughout the Fashion Merchandising program. This incident is so incredibly sad. I feel connected with this because she was my age, my major, had a boyfriend, and thought everything was going perfect. It scares me so much to know that one day something as crazy as this can just take your life away from you. Hailey never anticipated this when she started dating the shooter, she never realized anything of this sorts when they broke up. This is why this enstills fear into the community of San Marcos, because we start to realize that this could have happened to anyone. I pray for Hailey and her boyfriend every day hoping that their families are coping the best way possible and remembering the beautiful life they had and shared. My heart hurts for everyone involed and I hope the community of San Marcos can come together and bring good from this tragic moment. As life goes on for the rest of us, we need to remember the memories many of us might have had with both of these victims and try to keep safe within ourselves. R.I.P Hailey, Daniel, and Jesse. Your legacy will live on and know that you are missed.

Physical activity may help kids do better in school, studies say

1. Cameron/Rueters, Gary. Physical activity may help kids do better in school, studies say. Washington Post. (Oct 21, 2013).

2. Category of issue: children, health

3. Level of issue: national

4. What this is about: This article sums up different studies that were done involving children and physical activity. In each study, children that were more active scored better on tests.

5. Who this effects: Hopefully this will affect policy and make physical activity a top priority in schools.

6. My thoughts: This article caught my eye because I recently blogged about a similar article earlier in the semester. Both clearly show the impact that physical activity has on children in schools. With the obesity epidemic on the rise, it seems vital to initiate programs in schools that prevent children from getting obese. Everyone wants to complain about the cost of health care and were missing the point that prevention is better than treatment. If we prevent the problem from happening then we don't have to deal with it down the road. One study had kids learning and doing physical activity at the same time. I thought that was really cool. I need hands on learning. I can't just listen or take notes. There's some kids out there like that too. If we keep doing the same thing in our school system were going to get the same results. Right now we teach children how to take tests. Why not teach them how to take care of themselves too. That should be mandatory. Obviously parents aren't doing it. The numbers show that. Everyone thinks their kids have ADD now. My dad is a pharmacist and he says Adderall is one of the most over prescribed prescriptions out there. They even ran out of it last year. I guess the FDA didn't allow them to make enough for that year. My teachers thought I had ADD too. But when I started doing gymnastics, I quit talking in class as much and actually paid attention. My point here is we need to stimulate our minds and our bodies to get both to perform optimally.

Barneys NY, accused of racially profiling


2. Category: Racial Profiling

3. Level: local

4. This Washington post article is about two black shoppers at barneys being questioned about their purchases. They have now both filed complaints and a lawsuit against the actions.

5. How does this affect families/individuals?
- Individuals are feeling insecure because of their race. This is a form of racism that is directly targeting those of African American and of a young adult age.

6. My views:
- I think what has happened recently at Barney's is an act of pure ignorance. Police that have authority should not be abusing their powers. I would certainly hope that if a store thought a shopper was being suspicious they would confront them at that time. I am sure Barney's has a better protocol for instances such as these. It does not sound professional to me that Barney's would attach the customer after the purchase has been made and after they were outside the store. I will be very interested in seeing how this lawsuit plays out. I assume that, at the least, there will be new policies put into place because of this occurrence.
 Racism is a terrible issue in this country. This could have just been a coincidence that the two customers that were questioned where both black, but I do not think it was. No matter how much we try to fight it, racism is very much a real thing. We need to stop judging people by stereotypes and their outward appearances.  

Gay rights supporters wage a quiet campaing to push republicans to the middle


2. Category of issue: gay rights

3. Level of issue: national

4. What this is about: A few major republicans are coming out and saying they support gay rights and same sex marriage.

5. Who this effects: Everyone. People that are homosexuals get a big win if they pass the employment non- discrimination act and add that homosexuals cannot be discriminated against in the workplace. Most importantly though, if the government lightens up about sexual preference then it could have a trickle down affect.

6. My thoughts: This a step in the right direction. I love that Paul Singer's son is gay and he is supportive and he uses his position to advocate for gay rights even though he is a republican and that is a conservative no-no. I love the fact that Ken Mehlman came out. He was the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Its important for people to come out that way everyone gets used to it and it becomes just as normal as opposite sex marriage or whatever the other name for it is called. If the employment non-discrimination act adds that you cannot discriminate against homosexuals in the workplace that would be awesome. Once this generation starts accepting gay rights, it will eventually carry on to our children since children tend to have the same opinions about things as their parents do. Just like the saying monkey see, monkey do. Children see, children do. I like that there is now a law that forbids therapists from practicing gay conversion therapy. Gay conversion therapy just sounds sick to me. I'm all for gay-rights. If the republicans start to swing in the other direction then maybe they can pull some of the conservative with them.

Abortion Regulations Trial Continues in Federal Court

Week 8 Article #3

1. (Smith, Jordan). Abortion Regulations Trial Continues in Federal Court. October 22, 2013
Austin Chronicle 

2.  Category: Health care

3. Level: Nationwide

4. This affects individuals/families:
This concerns many females who want or need to seek out an alternative to ending the pregnancy and we need to allow them to turn to those options.

5. Why is this important?
The House Bill 2 was passed this summer and it had violated the constitutional due process and equal protection provisions and create a burden on many women who are trying to seek an abortion. The challenges would require all abortion doctors to obtain hospital admitting privileges within 30 miles of each clinic and to provide the procedure under FDA approved protocol.

6. What are your views?
I believe that the government really shouldn't intermingle religion with government views but the unfortunately we are a nation that does so anyways. This summer the House Bill 2 was passed and as of right now is going under the Supreme Court's view to test if what was passed was constitutional.
Many clinics have to be shut down to this occurring and that is not fair for women who need to terminate their pregnancy for whatever the reason may be. Women need to be given many choices when it comes to their pregnancy and they shouldn't have to be told if they are or not allowed to choose to end or keep the pregnancy.

Increase in foster child deaths prompts safety plan

Week #8
Article #2
1.     Category of problem: Security
2.     Level of problem: National
3.     This article concerns: New safety plan for foster children
4.     Importance/effect on families/individuals: With this new safety plan discussed in this article, foster care children will be more protected from their foster parents in case they are being neglected or abused and also for those children that have medical conditions. Therefore it impacts all families with foster children and all foster children in our country.

My input: In this article, new rules for foster care children and parents were created to protect children that have been abused or neglected by their parents. These new rules were encouraged after a couple of foster care deaths that happened in the summer and in the last months. Therefore these new rules that also affect CPS and child placing agencies include increasing the number of unannounced visits to homes, interviewing all adult children before issuing a license, training the staff for adoption and CPS, and other rules. In my opinion, these changes are good because even though some foster care parents might appear to be nice and in good conditions to take care of foster children, they might be actually not fit enough to take care of these children or they might be abusing them without anyone knowing about it. Therefore if we protect these children more, fewer cases like the deaths that occurred in the couple last months will be happening.

For first time, most Americans favor legalizing marijuana: poll

Week #8
Article #1,0,5823600.story
1.     Category of problem: Politics/Health
2.     Level of problem: National
3.     This article concerns: Legalizing Marihuana
4.     Importance/effect on families/individuals: Legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes is becoming more acceptable, and it might speed up the process of legalizing marijuana across the US. Therefore if this is becoming more and more acceptable, it will take an impact on many Americans that are for it but it will also create commotions between Americans that are against marijuana legalization.

My input: In this article, a study is being analyzed on how the acceptance of legalizing marijuana is growing according to a poll. In this poll, 67% were for it and 53% were against it. This change in acceptance is said to be because of social mores and because the acceptance of marijuana has grown since it alleviates some medical conditions. Also the legalization of marijuana could bring some benefits because it would be taxed and perhaps easier to control, therefore it would bring financial benefits. In my opinion, I agree that more Americans are becoming more aware of the good benefits that legalization of marijuana might bring but I also think that it will be a long time before the whole country legalizes it. Even though taxing it could be a benefit, authorities would really need to work on ways to control the drug because many individuals might take advantage of the situation and it might not end well. Overall I agree with this article and I think that it is interesting how our country changes perceptions of something that was banned completely not too long ago.

Former UT Equipment Manager get more Time for Improper Photography

Article #2
Ulloa, Jazmine. Former UT Equipment Manager gets more Time for Improper Photography. (24 October 2013) Austin American Statesman.  

1. Category of problem: Individual Rights/Privacy Rights

2. Level of problem: Local

3. The article concerns: Recently, a former equipment manager for the University of Texas at San Antonio has been caught and is currently facing the charges for photographing and filming multiple nude women in the locker room.

4. Why is this important to families/individuals OR how does it affect individuals/families?

            a. If put in this situation, an individual and their family could be immensely effected by this. Being filmed in the nude, unknowingly, sounds like a life changing event. An individual could go through an emotional rollercoaster that could be difficult on herself and her family. It could even cause some to reach out to counseling or therapy, which of course, would raise costs for the family.

5. What are your views on the issue/policy?

a. I think that this is an issue that needs to be addressed and punished to the fullest extent. This man secretly taped eleven women while they thought that they were showering and changing alone. Little did they know, someone was viewing, and probably enjoying, their every move. This is sick, twisted, and scary to those of us that use public gyms. This however was not a public gym; it was the women’s locker room for the track and field team on their campus. Students should feel welcome and comfortable using the facilities that they are available to them and that they paid for in their tuition. The fact that their security and trust were breached is unforgettable. This will change the perspectives and the lives of most of these women. I know that personally, I would feel violated to the fullest extent and would be disgusted at the idea of a man secretly watching me in the shower and dressing room. It almost feels if I am writing a reflection right now on a horror film, however it is something that occurred just down the road from us. Something needs to be done about this. They need to at least charge this man to the fullest extent in order to set an example to others. Though this will not change the event that happened, it could help to prevent others from thinking they could get away with committing a crime like this. As stated above, students should be able to feel safe and comfortable showering in their own campus locker room. Some kind of policy needs to be taken that can prevent future occurrences or events like this one.

Increase in Foster Child Deaths Promps Safety Plan

Article #1

Ball, Andrea. Increase in Foster Child Deaths Prompts Safety Plan. (25 October 2013) Austin American Statesman.

1. Category of problem: Children; Abuse; Health/Medical

2. Level of problem: Local

3. The article concerns: The recent increase in the amount of deaths of foster children in Austin. New rules and policies are being written to help prevent the neglect and abuse that these kids are subject to.

4. Why is this important to families/individuals OR how does it affect individuals/families?

            a. Forcing new policies will help out many individuals and families that are enrolled in, or know someone who is in foster care. These policies will help to prevent and hopefully omit the abuse and fatalities that these children are victim to.

5. What are your views on the issue/policy?

a. I feel that with this recent increase in fatalities of children, something needs to be done. Losing eight foster children in one year due to neglect and abuse is just sad. If one cannot care for the child, something needs to be done. Children should not have to face abuse from anyone, let alone the person/people that have taken this child in. The amount of physical and emotional abuse that this child will have to undergo will be immense and stressful. I feel that if someone is willing to take in a child and says that they will care for them, that child should have the right to feel safe and comfortable in their own home. The article described a case that occurred recently in Cedar Park. An 11- month old child was found dead in her aunt’s home. The article then explains how the child’s cause of death was due to abuse; the young child was injured so brutally that she could not survive the struggle. The article then describes the changes they plan on making in the Child Protective Services (CSP).  They now plan on checking up all foster homes by catching them off guard with an unannounced visit. This will hopefully catch them in the act of wrongdoing, or at least show signs or clues of neglect or abuse. This can help to prevent future mistreatment and violence in the house. They also plan on limiting the number of foster children that need medical attention under one roof. I feel that this will help foster parents to be less stressed (though this is not an excuse) and could help them to not feel like they need to inflict pain on a child. The final thing that they plan on doing is to more closely monitor and examine foster parents and their current children before accepting them into the program. I think that with these new rules in effect, at the least, this will help to prevent the abuse that is currently taking place in foster care. With more constant monitoring, children will feel and be safer in their foster homes.

Nev. School Shooting Probe Includes Bullying Video


2. Category of Issue: Violence

3. Level of Issue: State

4. This article concerns families and individuals on a local, state, and national level as this issue of violence continues to rise.

5. This article affects families and individuals who, not only were directly affected by this tragedy, but everyone who was involved emotionally or physcially in this terrible incident. Violence is an issue that everyone in our nation is concerned with and the path to solving this issue is a long road.

6. My Views
- Violence has become an issue that is overtaking our world. It is tragic to see how guns and children have become a thing we see correlated more and more. Violence in schools has become an issue that we see being more involved with school bullying as well. Bullying is a huge problem that many schools are starting to focus their efforts on. With the dramatic bullying that is occuring at schools these days, we hear of more suicides, depressions, and shootings from the victims. This article never stated if the young shooter was bullied or not, however, it did talk about a video that had been circling around the school showing ways of not acting out if you happen to be bullied. Allthough this video had the right intentions, it seems as though they went about it the wrong way. This video showed a kid rebelling and shooting when he was being bullied, instead of showing the right way to react. To young children, it is hard to get this message out when it is showing that. When making videos, the maker needs to know their target audience and cater to that. Not saying that this video is why the young boy took a gun to school and shot his teacher, classmates, and himself, however, it might have put the thought in his mind. I don't know what the solution is, but I hope that we can soon find some way to stop violence at such a young age and stop the tragedies that are happening in our schools all over America. 

Full testing of Healthcare.gove began too late,contractors say

article #3

1. Full testing of began too late, contractors say

2. Category: Healthcare/economy

3. Level: National

4. Article concern:
The article exemplified how insufficient testing on the website. There was no action taking to prevent the mishaps of why the website launch was incomplete for full working capacity.

5. How does it affect individuals:  
The fact that Obamacare before hand was not implemented enough or even in majority favor in the White House took a much more hit on the fact that the website was not properly working for its launch. Individuals who are in need or in favor of the new health care reform and took action to get on the site but could not affect there chances to try and get on board with the new law. This especially affected Republican states who do not favor the law to showcase how Obamacare is not efficient enough to work. Overall it affected the image of Obamacare by not being reliable to start with.

6. My views:
When first began looking into Obamacare I was very excited to see what would happen on October 1st. I feel that the failure of testing the website before hand gave the new law a bad look before it could even be given a chance. Since the website is suppose to be fully functional by the end of November hopefully Americans can start trusting the new law of the land now. It will definitely be a new beginning of change for the economy.

FDA proposes new rules to make pet food, animal feed safer

Article #2:
FDA proposes new rule to make pet food, animal feed safer


1      2.  Category:  Food Safety

        3. Level:  National

3     4.     The article concern: 
       The FDA is obtaining sanitation practices for those selling pet food or animal feeder to prevent any contamination illness that may be harmful to humans as well. FDA proposes manufactures to uphold food safety regulations before the pet food is sold. There will be documentation that the food is safe, tested on and supplier’s cleanliness is up to par.  If the food audit fails, FDA will not approve shipment.

4    5. How does it affect individuals or families:  
       Since the pet jerky food outbreak, FDA is taking more responsibilities to prevent food borne illnesses that may affect humans. The safety practices affect individuals with pets. This is very assuring to know that FDA is taking right measuring to insure these pet feeders are tested before entering into the market.

5     6.     My views:  
       I know a lady who works with various animal safety industries. Her main concern when she treats animals is the food the owners are feeding them. She mentioned that the pet food such as “Pedigree” is not as nutritious as we think. She exemplified that the pet foods given are so detrimental to their health; it literally drives them crazy. I don’t know how true that is, but she seemed to know exactly what she was talking about due to all the crazy animals she has dealt with. Overall I am glad FDA is taking more initiation to look out for the safety of pet foods but for humans as well.

Majority of Texas fast food workers on public assistance

1. Article
Majority of Texas fast food workers on public assistance

Category:  Consumer/ healthcare

           Level:  State

          The article concern: In Texas 59% of front-line employees working in fast food relies on government assistance programs such as Medicare or food stamps to support their families.

          How does it affect individuals or families: 
      The percentage of fast food workers living on government assistance affects the cause of why people are living in poverty. The percentages go back to why minimum wage is not enough for individuals to live on. Without the help, the workers will not be able to support their families on a low wage of $7.25 per hour. Restaurant industries are what fuel the economy, these workers are helping out. It puts into perspective that those living on funded programs, are also doing right for the economy in circumstances they only can.

5     My views:  
      From my understanding, workings in restaurant industries are very hard work. I have been a waitress for 3 years and I have gained great working ethics from doing so.  My first job was fast food and it is job that only few can be cut out for. I saw how hard it was for some of my co-workers working many hours to try and support their families on these types of low income salaries. When I look back, now I see that the only why they could afford it was through government assistance programs. I have some much empathy for fast food workers. They are working just as hard to make ends meet.