Monday, November 4, 2013

Religion in the Courts Causing Disput


2. Category: Religion

3. Level: National

4. The article is about using different religious prayer in the state courts in New York. The issue is going to the supreme court next week.

5. How does this affect individuals/families?
-Since the issue has been brought up individuals are for the use of religious traditions, such as prayer in the courts, this could cause great problems. If they are against the practices it will also cause friction with those that do approve. The individuals may not agree with the religion that is used in their specific state court. Either way, not everyone will be accepting of the outcome of the issue.

6. My View:
- It is to my understanding that when the first congress had their meeting, they began in prayer by a chaplain. Although this was a Christian prayer, it was still religion. The first congress that ever met created the first amendment, thus, when the freedom of speech came to be. This whole article talks about if this is constitutional or not. The first amendment gives us all the freedom of religion. This is where I have trouble understanding. Since the constitution was clearly created under Christian prayer, does that mean that is the only religion acceptable in the courts?  Since Christianity is the traditionally used religion, is it unconstitutional every time they say a prayer leading the meetings, or just tradition? I think the supreme court will rule in favor of Greece. The way I see it, the constitution was made with the intensions to be loosely interpreted. Since the over-all amendment states that each individual has the freedom of religion, they will say that you may say any prayer you want before the court meets. I do think that the Christian prayer supporters will have a problem with this ruling and that may consequently lead to another issue.  

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