Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Civil trial begins in Del. fraternity booze death

1. http://hosted2.ap.org/TXNEW/cbf3767d533b4c4aae30db330aaf62aa/Article_2013-11-05-Alcohol%20Death-Fraternity/id-93797a08cd5b421f85eab1c209af38ba

2. Category: Health and Fraternities

3. Level: National

4. This article concerns a fraternity that was involved in hazing that led to death.

5. This concerns individuals and families because this could happen to anyone in our families that involved in a sorority, fraternity or any other organization that involves hazing. This is not uncommon and affects many individuals who decide to engage in these activities, caused by hazing.

6. I think that hazing is ridiculous! I know that it is against many different Universities' rules and against state law, but that does not stop it from happening. Young people are dying every year from the result of hazing and I do not think that media coverage solely is getting the word out there enough. I think that if more college students were required to take an alcohol class it would better educate them on the negative effects of what drinking too heavily/hazing/drugs could do them. I also believe that the boys in this case were at fault and that more should be done to punish them other that just fines. I do understand that each person has a chance to say no, but when death is involved, the consequences should be taken a little more seriously.

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