Friday, November 1, 2013

Reinstatement of abortion law leaves few optioins

1. article Reinstatement of abortion law leaves few options
2. category: health
3. Level: local
4. The article concerns with the new abortion law to leave many clinics who are in border towns to already end their services leaving many woman out of abortion options.
5. This affects many individuals and families who are not seeking to carry on another child. Its part of politics taking others right for the better, but not fully understanding the financial burden they are putting on families and woman. The article explain woman who are seeking the procedure to not have the money to travel to get it done. Also another affect was Dr.Minto stating that these woman will do whatever it takes to not carry the pregnancy.  In other words, woman can potential hurt themselves or even commit suicide due to not having the right to abortion. The law affects many families and woman with the financial responsibility to take care of a child they can not afford. It is very unfortunate, but it is politics trying to save lives.
6. My view:
I understand abortion is an cruel act. But the government should not decide what a woman does to her body in sense that they will have to take responsibility for themselves. Yes the government is sparing a life, but what about the lives of the woman that they may take their own. Such as suicide or torment to themselves to ride the fetus. This is a very controversial law, and I think that it may lead to greater enforcement in the future.

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