Friday, November 8, 2013

Obama apologizes to people losing health coverage

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1. Obama apologizes to people losing health coverage

2. Category: Medical/economic

3. Level: National

4. The article concerns with President Obama apologizes about many Americans losing their insurance coverages after being enrolled into the new Marketplace. Obama tries to give reassurance to those apprehensive about hew Healthcare law. He explains he will make sure those who were dropped from the insurance companies will have their policies back.

5. This issue affects many individuals who are trying to seek healthcare, but are on the fence about the Obamacare. There is so much scrutiny about the Obamacare, that the president has to take a stand to validate the new reform.Many Americans are confused as to whether they should keep their healthcare or seek the Marketplace. With Obama stating that those who like their current plan can keep, but Congress saying that is impossible due to certain standards other insurance companies must meet creates more problems for families who can not afford to lose their coverage. The confusion that is created with the mishaps of, will only continue to keep America from seeking help of the new reform.

6. My views:
I am glad President Obama took a stand to apologize for all the confusion Obamacare is creating. There definitely was no formal introduction of the new law I feel. As Obama said the government was not clear of the changes taking place, which was true. It does not put me at ease to hear Congress can not guarantee what Obama is telling Americans.  I understand it takes much process and all parties to amend differences on the Obamacare, but it is leaving Americans worried for their own policies.

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