Friday, November 1, 2013

Obama signs order on response to climate change

2. Category: Environment
3. Level: National
4. The article concerns with Obama taking a task force for local and state government to response to weather disasters easier and how to do so.
5. How does this affect individuals?
The affects of the task force for climate changes as well as weather disasters is beneficial for those who live in areas prone to weather changes such as storms, fires, and flooding. President Obama is trying to take necessary measures to insure state's are keeping up with safety regulations with schools and or buildings in case of any emergencies. This affects also regulations within the city, such as cities with rivers or by the sea have to take certain precautions in case of another storm as like Sandy.
6. My view:
I think the task force is very vital within the states to keep up to date with safety regulations to ensure there is various responses for any type of disaster event. Within the last couple of years there has been climate changes and weather events that take a big toll within each community.  Having all types of responses for these events can potential save millions of lives within in the United States. I feel that President Obama is taking a great step to ensure lives of American from these type of ordeals.

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