Friday, November 8, 2013

An unlikely trio: Mormons play key role in promoting gay-rights bill

Article #1
1.     Category of problem: Politics
2.     Level of problem: National
3.     This article concerns: Gay Marriage
4.     Importance/effect on families/individuals: This article affects a large part of our population (LGBT individuals) in that it deals with official laws on homosexuality in the workplace. It mentions a recent change in tides in congress with regards to the public and religious view of homosexuality.
My input: This article talks about the recent vote on the Employment Non-discrimination Act, which was supported by three Mormon senators.
The official stance on homosexuality in the Latter Day-Saints church is that homosexual attraction is not a sin as long as one does not act on those feelings. But on Monday these thee senators showed that bipartisanship can actually happen in today’s world. After hearing about such heated politics and arguments that never go anywhere in Washington, it was very surprising to see a group of people show that there is still some common ground that can be found between two opposing parties.

This makes me think that maybe our culture actually is becoming more open with regards to these things. There has been many year-long standoffs with such strong topics which seem to lead to nowhere, but at least now we see that not all political debates are worthless.

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