Friday, November 8, 2013

Schools going public with good PR

Article #3

1. Schools going public with good PR

2. Category: Education

3. Level: Local

4. The article concerns with a new public relations campaign to showcase public schools within San Antonio in a more positive way. The campaign "Go Public" is going to be used by 15 Bexar school districts as a means to create a better mentorships within communities as well as student and parents of public schools.

5. This campaign affects families  who are in public schools for the better. As the article states public school districts being more commonly bashed for their public school education, the camapign is meant to alleviate those negative feed-backs. The new PR showcase for public school districts may affect those who look negatively at public school systems and bring better communities to support these school districts. The number of children carter schools may also decrease as well.

6. My views.
I think this is a great advertisement for public schools in San Antonio. I feel that the new PR to showcase the good and not just the bad in theses school with help bring the local communities together. It is a great step to finally put these school districts in reorganization of their efforts end of the negativity of their systems.

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