Monday, November 4, 2013

Womens Success Causes Mens Low Self-esteem


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4. The article projects that most men will feel a lower self-esteem when their female partner is successful. They feel a sense of failure.

5. How does this affect individuals/families?
-Men might feel more distant because of their female partners success. on the other hand, the women in the relationship may not understand why her partner is being that way. Unknowingly to both, the couple may be in a relationship competition that could end badly for the family.

6. My Views:
-This study about the women's success causing esteem complexes for men is quite sad. I think that if guys can not handle their women being successful, then they should not be in a relationship. These days it is extremely common for both individuals of a relationship to be in the work place. I think that the men are being envious towards females because they associate success with power. When the women are successful, the men believe that the women have power over them. Women in general, receive such a lack of respect for doing what they do. It is refreshing to see successful women. The men should be proud of their partners, not jealous. I think there is a big problem in society today. Men think that they can still act like they did "in the old days" but live in the hear and now. It is not the 50's anymore. It is 2013,but not for long. Men should not feel like they have to compete with their partners. They are in a relationship for a reason, everyone contributes. If they feel like they don't make enough, or aren't successful enough they need to step up their game!

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