Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reports of Military Sexual Assault Rise Sharply


2. Category: Sexual assault

3. level: National

4. This article concerns: There were over 3,000 sexual assault complaints reported to the Defense Department in the first three quarters of the fiscal year, from October 2012 through June, that's a 50 percent increase over the same period a year earlier. This included the sexual assaults by civilians on service members and by service members on civilians.

5. How this affect individuals/families:  This can potentially affect everyone inside and outside of the military. The people inside the military have to deal with the fear that this could happen to them, and some of these people can't defend themselves in the process they just have to report it after it happens like all the other thousands of complaints. This also affects the family members back home because they have to hear about all these sexual assaults happening and they can't do anything but worry and hope that they are okay. This can devastate a family hearing that their child or relative got sexually assaulted while they are out trying to do good for their country.

6. My views: I think that this is horrific that every year there are more and more reports of sexual assaults happening in the military. It is wrong on so many levels because you would think out of everyone these would be the people to have more respect for themselves, others,. and their country. The good thing is that there has been in increase in willingness of victims to come forward and report the assaults that are taking place. They are having a public hearing to address this problem to all people serving in the military so hopefully they can be more aware of whats going on and possibly reduce these high numbers of assaults. The good thing is they are also offering more education to prevent sexual assaults and encourage people to come forward when they experience this. I think that since people are going to do what they want no matter what having an education course for everyone will be really beneficial. It might not stop every assault but even reducing the numbers a little bit is something, and if it can prevent one person from doing it thats one less person that has to experience a horrible event. Studies show that 10 percent of the cases of sexual assault occurred before the victim entered the military. That is not a whole lot but it is still a significant amount that we need to take into consideration. I feel like when these people are getting admitted into the military they should be more closely observed so they can prevent reoccurring events. Also everyone should be warned of the people who have committed assaults in the past so they can be aware of who is around them and know when to take precautions. Overall, Hopefully these public hearings and education classes will reduce these ridiculously high numbers of sexual assaults that have been increasing each year for the safety of everyone.

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