Friday, November 1, 2013

Warily, Schools Watch Students on the Internet

Week 9 Article # 2

1. Somini Sengupta. October 28, 2013. Warily, Schools Watch Students on the Internet.
 New York Times

2. Category: Social Media

3. Level: State (California)

4. This article concerns: 
A school district in California want to monitor students access on the Internet and crack down on internet bullying and prevent danger that students get into when this occurs.

5. This affects families/individuals:
This affects many students in the school district out in California because cyber bullying has increased in the past two years and many lead into death, which school officials can help crack down if they were to implement this new software that can detect that.

6. What are your views?
I believe that schools should implement this software because cyber bullying increases everyday because we in live in a world filled with technology and maybe of us heavily rely on our electronic devices. We need to stop cyber bullying because many innocent lives are taken and or they develop depression and thoughts of suicide. I understand there needs to be a balance of students free speech rights but we need to take into consideration the danger that develops from it.


  1. I absolutely agree with you! This program/software should be implemented in schools because what students say/do on the internet should be monitored. If students have a "free for all" as they access the internet, there is no telling who they are talking to or what they are talking about. Cyber bulling should be stopped and can be prevented if this software is put to use. I think that the monitoring is a good idea and will help to decrease the access that children have to cyber bully. It is proven that many cases of suicide and depression start because of something someone told them or they read on the internet. If this is implemented, the students have less of a chance to cyber bully. I also agree that the student's free speech rights should be considered, but if they are using them for more harm than good, something needs to change. Implementing a "internet watch" would definitely be beneficial.

  2. I think that every school should be monitoring what these kids are doing on the internet. Cyber bullying is no joke and has been getting worse and even leading to death. Almost every week I see an article where some young kid has been getting picked on and bullied to where it makes them not even want to live anymore and take thier own life, which is really sad. Monitoring these students will definitely reduce the amount of people getting bullied through the internet and probably make these kids doing the bullying realize how serious this issue is and maybe make them not want to do it anymore or at all. Its not just good for bullying its also good for monitoring what these students are doing in general. A lot of kids use the internet at school for things other than what they are supposed to. It is almost impossible for one teacher to control a whole class in what they are looking at if they are not being monitored. Hopefully they do this in more than just in the state of California, because I think this would be highly effective and should be done in a lot, if not all schools. Cyber bulling is just one issue that could be reduced by monitoring what these kids are doing on the internet in these schools.