Friday, November 1, 2013

Transgender student at CO school promts complaint

1. The Article

2. National Level

3. Education, LBGT

4. This is an issue that could have affected a person, and most likely affects many.

5. I think cases like these may have risen in other parts of the country and it should be something that gets addressed because we need to protect everyone's rights. This affects people who have gone through the transition because there are no rules out there stating what is the right or wrong thing to do.

6. I understand where the complaint comes from because it ca make people who are not used to that uncomfortable. Many people are ignorant of what people feel or think and do things without thinking of the other person. I do think there should be a revision of certain policies that include individuals who have gone through a gender transformation. Humans categorize everything, it's what we do, so when there is ambiguity we feel uncomfortable and it seems unnatural. The reality is that as time changes people do as well. This situation seemed like a little girls' tantrum, but I am positive that there are adults somewhere else in this country complaining about something similar to this case. LGBT people are citizens as much as every heterosexual American, so it is time that we acknowledge this huge group of citizens.

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