Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Facebook to beef up efforts to curb bullying

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1. Facebook to beef up efforts to curb bullying

2. Category:children, education
3. Level: National
4. The article concerns with children or teenagers who have been distressed with any online bullying by having the ability to reporti any content as abusive and will connect the individual to a network of adults to help with the situation with a push of a button. The alert is anonymous and alarms Facebook of the bullying. Facebook is taking more action on anti-bullying mechanisms to help stop this on going problem.
5. This affects in a positive way a better approach for individuals who have been or had any distress from Facebook (online) bullying upon them. Especially for children who have harder time wanting to confront the situation to their parents. Facebook is allowing children to report abusive acts anonymously and will be connected to a network of supports to stop the bullying if they choose to take action. It will help those children and or teenagers with just a push of a button to stop such unjust acts of online bullying.
6. My view:
I think this is great idea. I know its hard for children of young age to speech up for themselves and Facebook giving them options to connect with other adults other than their parents might alleviate the problem for them. The fact that the access to report any online bullying is easy should not hinder those wanted to report it but are afraid. I am glad Facebook is taking bigger steps to help stop online bullying. Children born into the technically advance generation they need to have a better understanding of online responsibility and boundaries.

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  1. I agree with you 100 percent! I haven't heard about this and I think that this is an awesome idea. There are so many stories about cyber bullying that it is ridiculous. Facebook allowing you to report abusive acts is a great idea especially because a lot of cyber bullying comes from social networks like Facebook. I read an article the other week that Facebook is becoming less private allowing people you don't even know to see your posts which is really dangerous and can lead to cyber bullying. So the fact that they are doing this is really good I'm glad that they are realizing that this is a major problem and doing something to help reduce bullying that leads to potential deaths. Most kids don't like to report problems they just keep it to themselves until it builds up and causes a major problem. Maybe now knowing that they can report bullying anonymously will allow more kids to report these incidents.I don't think that this will stop online bullying completely or is the purpose, I think it's aimed towards giving these kids the opportunity to speak up when they are being bullied so that it will reduce the chance that it will happen to them again and can prevent them from wanting to hurt themselves or take their own lives. I think that parents should be aware of this and read more about this in detail so that they can explain this to their child that this is there for them if they ever feel like they are being harassed online. Parents can't force their child not to use social networking because that will only make them want to use it more. Instead they should just talk to them about the precautions they should take if they ever experience any form of online bullying. Overall, I am glad that Facebook stepped up and made something that will provide assistance to those victims, and I think that this will be very effective!