Friday, November 1, 2013

Texas Abortion Clinics Say Court's Ruling is Forcing them to Stop the Procedures

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3. Health, Abortion

4. A policy that has been passed that will affect many Texas women.

5. This affects many women because they will have to travel far to get an abortion in the state of Texas. This is something that will be a problem in the long run since we are the state with the highest rate of teen pregnancy and now a "Plan C" will be difficult to obtain.

6. I don't agree with this law. I don't think people should say what a women is able to do with their body and that they are protecting the child. My problem with this is that many people are having sex from a very young age, Texas has a detrimental education on safe sex and sexuality in general, and now one of the things that could help young women from being young parents is becoming very difficult to obtain. I understand abortion is wrong, but there are many many women who simply don't want children, are not prepared financially and mentally, so why have an unwanted child? I may get much hate from this, and that is okay. I know once you become a parent your perception changes but I don't agree that we can't have our options are far as what we want for ourselves. Not only is this hurting the people that are seeking abortions, but also all the people that are working for these facilities. We are already in an unhealthy economic status, and this would cause even more job losses. This needs to be revised.

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