Friday, October 11, 2013

Shutdown may force DCPS teachers to work without pay


2.Category of issue: Government shut down affecting teachers pay

3. Level: D.C. Public Schools

4. This article is about how the D.C. public schools are having thoughts about not paying their teachers. The regular funds have recently been frozen.

5. How does this affect Individuals/families?
This will affect individuals and families because if this does happen teachers may not receive pay until a later date.
6. My View:
From this article I was informed of a few things that might concern teachers in the D.C. area. It is shocking to me that this shutdown is causing so many issues for people that are not even apart of the government. This is not a good thing for those that rely on each paycheck being on time. Many families will have troubles and even if they can afford to put off a paycheck for a while, it is not fair to them. As the article says, it is not fair to ask people work for no immediate pay. It is terrible that the city is being pushed to use their own spending money to pay the teachers. They should not have use these funds.
 For those that may be paid at a later date, this could also create major problems. I don't think that this is a promising idea. How can they be sure the shutdown will end in a reasonable amount of time. Anything could happen at anytime.  
I think that the payment of teachers is very unsure. This issue could affect not only the teachers, but their families and their students. Education is very important for the future and if the students are affected by this shutdown, this could potentially be tragic for those kids.

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