Friday, October 11, 2013

$10 Million Gift to Help Head Start Through Shutdown

1. The Article
2. Education/Financial

3. National Level

4. This article talks about an issue that many families are facing due to the government shutdown.

5. This affects families because low income families depend on Headstart for their children. Since the government is currently shutdown these programs are not receiving funding causing some of them to close.

6. I think what the Arnold's did was a very generous thing they did. Unfortunately their big donation is not sufficient to keep this program running. If the government does not decide on the budget many facilities could lose funding causing many children that need the assistance to be part of the program. I know of people that their children are part of Headstart programs in Houston and if it weren't for that program they would not know how they would be able to afford a daycare. This is something that is for children that are in low income families. Children should not be the one's that get the short end of the stick because our representatives can't make a decision.

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