Friday, October 18, 2013

U.S. obesity rate levels off, but still an epidemic

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1. Hellmich, Nanci. U.S. obesity rate levels off, but still an epidemic. October 17, 2013. USA Today

2.Category: Health 

3. Level: National 

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Obesity is one of the largest growing issue that's continuing to rise but with a different outlook according to the government it can level off. 

5. This affects individuals and families:   

Obesity is increasing amongst children and adolescents but there is a way that can change. 
According to the article is states: "People who are concerned about being obese and want to drop extra pounds should try to lose 10% of their weight, says Patrick O'Neil, director of the Weight Management Center at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. "We know that losing 10% of your body weight can produce a significant improvement in your health. You will feel better and be able to do more things. After you've lost 10%, you can determine how much more you wish to lose."

6. What are your views?
I personally feel we can target obesity and fix it but we can only do so if the government can offer certain health programs to help individuals facing this problem. After reading this article I can agree that those people who want to loose their weight should aim for loosing 10% of their current weight. We need to change our eating habits and there should be fruits and vegetables that are affordable for people to eat rather than relying on canned goods to get our nutrition from. An average individual who is 5 foot 4 inches and weighs 174 pounds or more is considered to be classified as obese.
Obesity takes a hugh toll on many people and really affects their health. It can give an individual many health problems that can be avoidable if we start educating everyone on proper and good eating habits. Some diseases obesity ca lead to is diabetes, cardiovascular and liver probelms. We need to be able to offer classes that individuals can take to learn what they need to know in order to avoid future citizens from being obese and teach them everything they will need to know to live a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Ten percent weight loss is a great goal to encourage people to live healthier lives. Unfortunately, even with a ten percent weight loss, most people that fall into the obese category would still be classified as obese. Maybe baby steps like this would help people to continue with living healthier and help them to shed a lot more weight in the long run. Hopefully they wouldn't stop at the 10% goal. Our local communities need to play a more active role in influencing healthy choices. San Antonio is lagging way behind the healthy living movement. It's so difficult to find healthy restaurants, or even supermarkets that provide good selections of fresh whole foods at affordable prices. It's a huge city, and you have to drive all the way across town to find healthy options. Unless you want greasy tex-mex food, you'd better plan on staying home for dinner...