Friday, October 25, 2013

FDA proposes new rules to make pet food, animal feed safer

Article #2:
FDA proposes new rule to make pet food, animal feed safer


1      2.  Category:  Food Safety

        3. Level:  National

3     4.     The article concern: 
       The FDA is obtaining sanitation practices for those selling pet food or animal feeder to prevent any contamination illness that may be harmful to humans as well. FDA proposes manufactures to uphold food safety regulations before the pet food is sold. There will be documentation that the food is safe, tested on and supplier’s cleanliness is up to par.  If the food audit fails, FDA will not approve shipment.

4    5. How does it affect individuals or families:  
       Since the pet jerky food outbreak, FDA is taking more responsibilities to prevent food borne illnesses that may affect humans. The safety practices affect individuals with pets. This is very assuring to know that FDA is taking right measuring to insure these pet feeders are tested before entering into the market.

5     6.     My views:  
       I know a lady who works with various animal safety industries. Her main concern when she treats animals is the food the owners are feeding them. She mentioned that the pet food such as “Pedigree” is not as nutritious as we think. She exemplified that the pet foods given are so detrimental to their health; it literally drives them crazy. I don’t know how true that is, but she seemed to know exactly what she was talking about due to all the crazy animals she has dealt with. Overall I am glad FDA is taking more initiation to look out for the safety of pet foods but for humans as well.

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