Friday, October 4, 2013

GOP lawmakers: Boehner tells colleagues he will avoid a default on federal debt

 Week 5 Article #1

1. Montgomery, Lori. GOP lawmakers: Boehner tells colleagues he will avoid a default on federal debt   (2013, October 3) Washington Post

2. Category of Problem:  Politics

3. Level of Problem:  National

4. This article concerns:
This article is about the government that shutdown on October 1st due to the fact that Congress didn't have a budget to afford the Affordable Care Act.

5. What is the importance?
This is important to many individuals and families because many Americans are out of jobs, sitting at home, they have to wait till Congress comes to a decision for funding the bill.
Many Americans are awaiting help, such as from Veterans Affairs, military academies are closed and many more.

6. What are your views?
My views on the government shutting down is outrageous because many Americans are without work sitting at home waiting for it to re-open, so they can work and get paid. Many are waiting for veteran's assistance, cancer treatments, and funding for research projects for colleges and universities are put to a stall. As stated in the article, "frustrated Democrats say they are willing to negotiate and have been trying for months to persuade Republicans to name a conference committee to discuss federal budget issues." They need to get on this negotiation and re-open the government to allow Americans to back to work and earn their paycheck to continue supporting themselves and their families. I honestly feel that the Affordable Care Act is going to help many Americans out who don't have insurance. Hopefully the shut down doesn't last too long and that Congress can come to a decision pretty soon!

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