Friday, October 11, 2013

Students at ‘overachieving’ school getting anti-stress lessons

Week 6 Article #1 

1.   (Strauss,Valerie) Students at ‘overachieving’ school getting anti-stress lessons              October 10, 2013 Washington Post

2. Category of Problem: Education

3. Level of Problem: State level

4. This article concerns: 
A program will be created for students to help them cope with stress that they experience will in school.

5. This article affects individuals/families:
A non-profit organization will create a pilot program to test out their program to a growing number of schools that incorporating “mindfulness” exercises into class time to help kids relax, which research has shown actually helps them focus.

6. What are your views?
I believe this will be an excellent idea for many students in school.
I know that mindfulness practice has many benefits. And as the article states "Mindfulness training can help to enhance children’s attention and focus, improve memory, improve self-control and awareness of our own feelings and the feelings of others. Mindfulness practice is becoming more and more popular in schools because research has proven that creating deliberate moments of quiet and focus in a school day can greatly decrease anger, violence and anxiety in school."

So by having this in schools for students it will allow them to focus on relieving negative feelings and therefore learning to create positive ones. School is very stressful and hectic for many students and they need something like this to help them out.

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