Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In Controversy and Success, Tutoring Company Dominates

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2. category: education

3. level: state

4. This article concerns: Students were being provided laptops for a tutoring program through their school. Later, when the students were trying to log in it wasn't working and was told it was because the school district would no longer pay for the services. These children are among those who will no longer receive tutoring through a 2001 No Child Left Behind Act provision that required struggling schools to set aside a portion of their federal funding to pay for after-school tutor.

5. How it affects individuals and families: They have been getting so many complaints that the program just shut down completely and made a new program that charges $92 an hour through an automated program you can do online or over the phone. A lot of these kids parents are upset about this because they are no longer getting the benefits of being provided a laptop and the expensive fee they have to pay in which they can't afford. It is causing the children who's families don't have a lot of money grades to suffer because they can't get the extra help they need anymore because of the cost. They are also complaining about the lack of one-on-one instruction this program offers.

6. My input: I think that the fact they stopped doing this program is a horrible idea. A lot of these low income families can't afford to pay for regular tutoring that's why they were going through this first program so they could receive the laptop and get the tutoring services. For them to stop doing this is highly affecting these children's grades causing them to fail because they can't afford extra help for their child. They should find another way to help out these families who can't afford this by making it cheaper for those who qualify or at least still providing the laptops for making the learning process a lot easier for them. them changing the program completely and charging almost $100 an hour seems way to expensive in my opinion, most of these parents aren't going to pay or can't afford to pay these absurd prices and I don't blame them. Also it doesn't even seem like a great program or worth the money because you do it over the phone or online, that seems way to hard to try to learn something, especially because a lot of kids need that one-on-one interaction to really understand what they are learning. Most of these parents feel like their child is going to fall behind without a computer and I totally agree with that. Nowadays everything is on the computer its an easy way of learning I couldn't imagine having to try to study or learn something without it. I hope that the school district can realize they need to do something about this or its going to result in students failing their classes. It's not fair for these kids who need help and can't afford tutoring to fail their classes because of this. These expensive prices and non effective programs are eventually going to result in very many complaints for parents which is just going to hurt their company in the end if people stop using it or refuse to use it in the first place.

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