Thursday, October 17, 2013

AP Testing Errors


2. Category: Public School Testing

3. Level: County wide

4. This article is about the issues that have come up with the AP tests that occur in Schools across the country.

5. How does this affect Individuals/families?

These students are suffering by having difficulties with the AP testing. This may potentially result is problems for the future. If they can not make adequate grades, the students may not be able to get into the classes they need.

6. My views:

It seems to me that their is a problem with educators these days. The proctors that are giving the tests need to be completely aware of all the regulations before being aloud to give out tests. These poor students are having to take, and re-take the 3 hour exams sometimes up to three times. This should not be happening and I believe the fault is either that of the school not supplying legitimate proctors or the proctor theirselves not paying attention to their job. Either way someone is not doing their job. I do not understand how the schools seem to be so careless. This is someones' education. It is a big deal if the hard working student has to retake a test because of the the faculties mistakes.
There is a big issue now a days involving education. It needs to be taken much more seriously. After all, those students are our future. We, as Americans need to do all we can to prepare the next generation for what is to come. If those students are not in adequate learning facilities, it could be harmful for their lives.

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