Friday, October 4, 2013

Not all Federal agencies taking a hit in shutdown

 Not all Federal agencies taking a hit in shutdown

2. Category of issue: Government Shutdown

3.Level : National

4. The article concerns with all types of agencies that are not affected by the government shutdown. Gives a list of various agencies such as postal service, security checks, and food stamps due to being funded by payroll taxes.

5. How does it affect individuals?
It affects individuals because it allows the workers of those entities to not worry about work without any pay.  Also Americans in relation to their survival as like the security checks to have them regardless of the shutdown. It is very important as like for the Health and Human Service Department to still be able to handle business about Medicaid and Medicare especially with the Health Care Law trying to make way.  Those the shutdown did affect thousands in the government workplace, at least it allowed civilian work entities to operate as normal.

6. My Views: In my perspective I feel the shutdown is very unfortunate. I know there are thousands out there worried about having days without pay. Reading the article gave me a little insight as to who and what exactly are getting affected by the shutdown. Agencies such as the Federal Highway Administration are still working which are essential to those who commute. Our highways and day to day operational services are so vital to us, its situations like the "shutdown" that really make us think how quickly things can change.

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