Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Immigration Reform Going Nowhere Fast

2.Category of issue: Immigration Reform

3. Level: National

4. This article is about the immigration reform and the confusion of where each political party stands. 

5. How does this affect Individuals/families?
The immigration reform is affecting the citizens for the US is in a number of ways. Or should I say the pushing aside of the immigration reform? People come to our country for new resources and opportunity. By allowing illegal immigrants in, it is just quickly lessening what is available for our citizens. 

6. My Views: There are many different views on what the immigration reform is about. People believing that republicans hate immigrants and democrats welcome them, is one common misconception. I think the confusing question at hand is what exactly does each party stand for and what is the immigration reform doing. The immigration reform is basically looking over and controlling the numbers of immigrants in the US and trying to eliminate the trespassing of illegal persons. There are a fair share of people coming over from Mexico that do have visas. But then a problem arises when their visas expire and they do not want to leave. I think it is great that they want to come over because they see opportunity here. On the other hand we have our own struggles just supplying jobs, health care, and insurance to our citizens. We can not support a whole other countries worth of people. 
In this article it talks about the employers in the US being the main problem for illegal immigrants staying here. They are supplying them will decent paying jobs and the immigrants see that they have a good thing being in the US. So maybe the employers are an issue, but certainly not the sole reason we have 12-20 million people here that legally should not be. 
No matter Democrat or Republican, I think our government needs to stop walking around the issue and get the ball rolling. Just putting the reform to the side will not help fix anything. In fact, it only makes matters worse. 

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