Friday, October 11, 2013

Chicken Plants in Salmonella Outbreak Can Stay Open

2.     Category: Health
3.     Level: National
4.     This concerns people who buy and consume chicken from Foster Farms.
5.     There is a salmonella outbreak from chickens that are slaughtered and processed at these facilities. The Agriculture Department is allowing these facilities to stay open despite the outbreak. While they have made changes to their practices, how long will it be until poultry becomes safe again?
6.     My issue with this is that I feel like they should have shut it down for a bit of time. It doesn’t feel quite safe yet because there have been so many outbreaks and people hospitalized. If salmonella is becoming resistant to antibiotics I think there should have been a thorough process to make sure safe changes were made before continuing to slaughter and process poultry. They have made immediate changes to their practices but I feel like I will be more cautious and so will other people. This outbreak was too much to ignore. 

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  1. This is awful. Every once in a while I'm reminded that I can't trust the quality of meat in our country. Even with all of USDA regulating the industry, it's like they're not concerned with the quality, only with the quantity of meat they can produce. I rarely eat beef or pork, so chicken and fish are my main source of meat... Over the past few years I've slowly forgotten about all of my previous concerns about even eating poultry, but I've been thinking about it recently and this only proves that the industry is seriously flawed. The fact that bacteria grows resistant to antibiotics is not recent news. It's old science, yet farmers are being forced to over-produce and feed the animals antibiotics constantly because so many are diseased. If it weren't for the fast food industry, our meat wouldn't be so over-produced and I don't think we'd be having all of these problems with quality vs. quantity.