Friday, October 11, 2013

White House Reject Key Part of House Republicans proposal on debt ceiling

Article #1
1. White house rejects key part of House Republican proposal on debt ceiling

2. Category of problem: Political

3. Level of problem: National

4. The article concerns President Obama rejection a  negotiation with House Republicans' to extend the debt ceiling for six weeks which may lead to default.

5. How does it affect individuals:
The articles touches base that the negotiation to extend debt ceiling for just six weeks with some budget negotiation tied too as well will not help the economy with the holidays around the corner. President Obama explains that he does not want to risk the negotiation to lead to a default. If the President is exemplifying to the House that it is bad for the economy to make this decision now which can possibly affect more people late, then this is a huge concern for many Americans. With the holiday coming soon, many Americans are being affected now regardless of the outcome.

6. My view:
The fact that Obama mentions how critical the debt ceiling raise will not help the economy leads me to think what are other solutions to what can be agreed upon. With the holidays around the corner it is hard to predict what can happen within the next few days. Working retail I can see how some people are not shopping as much right now for the seasons coming up. I don't know if its because people are scared to see what will happen in the economy, but this shutdown definitely is beginning to bring big concern for all of us. At first I thought the shutdown was just going to be for a couple days, boy was I wrong.

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