Friday, October 4, 2013

Facebook postings provide clues to killing

22. Category of Problem: Social Networking
33. Level of Problem: National/Florida
44. This article concerns the social networking site, Facebook, and clues that may lead to answers of a woman’s murder.
55. This affects individuals because the man who committed the crime has to stand in front of the jury and receive his sentence and the woman, who was murdered, no longer had control over what was being posted on the internet after her murder, i.e. pictures of her after being murdered.

66. I think this article is fishy. The wife, who was angered because her husband stood her up on a date, sent messages back and forth to her friend, which included, “I felt like ripping his face off.” He later shot her nine times and posted pictures of her corpse a long with a post saying, “You’ll see me in the news.” As far as Facebook is concerned, I think that there should be some kind of control over pictures that are allowed on there. I know that people can report the obscene pictures that others post, but I do not think it was fair to have the women’s corpse online for who knows how long. After the incident, officials found footage of Medina (husband) exiting the house and leaving the wife’s daughter (from a previous marriage) upstairs. Medina was found not guilty, but awaits re-trial on November 4. He goes to say that he shot Alfonso (wife) after she punched him, kicked him and threatened to leave him. Authorities then released diary entries from Alfonso’s diary that were titled, “The mind of an insane woman.”  I do think that the footage that the Florida officials found should be more closely examined, especially if they were able to find the diary entries, but I do not think that Medina should be ruled as “not guilty” because he did, in fact, kill his wife. Alfonso obviously thought of herself as an “insane woman”, so there is need to further investigate on both parties behalf.

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