Friday, October 11, 2013

US Olympic committee amends non-discrimination policy to add sexual orientation

Article #3

1. US Olympic committee amends non-discrimination policy to add sexual orientation

2. Category of problem: Policy/Non-discrimination

3. Level of problem: State

4. The article concerns with the US Olympic committee amending the right to state sexual orientation on their non-discrimination policy.

5. How does it affect individuals:
Putting it in a individual who watches the Olympics, I can see that it can upset some American who do not believe knowing athletes sexual orientation. But speaking for myself, I feel that the change in the policy is amazing and showcases why are country is a "freedom" country. Russia passed their law of anti-gay law, which is just ignorant and wrong. With many athletes seeing this change in the Olympics, can allow them to showcase themselves more whatever their sexual orientation may be

6. My View:
I am very happy that they committee took action about this policy change. I think this is wonderful way to showcase non-discrimination within in our country. Many sports derive this anti-sexual orientation hush, but now it should be easy for any athletes to express who they are. I hope that they committee stays true to this change, and showcases that US has the freedom to express who they are for the next Olympics.

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