Friday, October 4, 2013

The Religious Dorm at the Public University


2. Category of  Problem: Religion

3. Level of Problem: State

4. This article concerns constitutional rights and individuals attending public universities and on campus housing

5. This article affects families and individuals by questioning the legality of constitutional rights. It starts to put questions into the minds of students and their families about publisizing religion and could make individuals feel violated of their rights.

6. This article raises many issues conflicting with our constitution. I was very surprised to hear that this on campus dorm in a public university was able to identify itself as a religious based dorm. I have really mixed emotions about this. On one hand I don't see this as a problem. It is a choice to par take in this life style and when you start college you have a choice at where to live. If everyone who wants to participate in a religious based dorm wants to live there then that is there choice, those who don't can live in the other dorms. Everyone in college expresses there religion, no matter what that might be, and no matter where they live anyways. These students are expressing there religious rights the same way, they just happen to be doing all together. Also, it is not narrowed down to a certain religion. This dorm is open to all religions from atheist to Catholisism and they are open to share the views and ideas with each other. This brings me to the other side of feelings about this. This could cause some serious problems. Everyone, especially these days are so opinionated that issues would arise over the differences in religions. It could also potentially make other students feel secluded or uncomfortable. There are groups that are formed throughout the campus that are really more appropriate for groups like this. Also, in the article is stated that parents had been on the phone continuously calling trying to get their children into this dorm which could cause many problems in itself. A lot of kids aren't the same religion as their parents or haven't had the opportunity to figure it out for themselves. With parents attempting to put their children in this dorm they might rebel or go against their parents on and off campus. I believe that this should not be okay for public universities. They will not even allow an all athlete dorm or a specific dorm for universities now. I don't think that this is a huge deal, I just believe that it would conflict with our Constitution and cause some serious problems. 

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