Friday, October 18, 2013

Elementary students learn keyboard typing ahead of time of new common core test

Elementary student learn keyboard typing ahead of time of new common core test

Category of issue: Education

Level of issue: Local

Article Concern:  The new Common Core academic Standards are creating a new level of technology advance for children in grade school to learn how to operate a keyboard due to the new online testing.

How does this affect individuals/families?
One concern that can be impacted is families that are not technology influenced or have any education in computer skills. If these tests are to help children become more inclined into using computers to take test, there can be a barrier for the parents to agree to these changes.

My view:
I completely agree with Common Core Standards to use technology skills as a tool for education. Children are born in a technology age that is only going to grow. So these new changes are very beneficial, because everything now days are internet based.  So children learning how to operate a keyboard will only allow them to advance their skills in the future as will technology.

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  1. I remember in the fourth grade having to take my first Texas Academic Assessment Skills tests. For the writing portion, we had to actually hand write our papers. I remember not being a fast writer. Then later in elementary is when I started to have to learn how to type and I was not very fast at that either. Just recently during my freshman and sophomore year of college, I had to again hand write my composition finals. I thought that was ridiculous. I had to go into the computer lab/testing area, sit in front of a computer, and hand write my composition. It annoyed me.
    I feel that because the kids today are way more techno savvy then me and my friends were. Some kids know more about computers than I do now. That is a critical skill for the direction that teaching is going. There are now online classes that did not exist before computers and look at how we use calculators today. Start them off young and if it doesn't work, try something else.