Friday, October 18, 2013

Two Parties Start Work to Avoid Repeat Crisis

Article #1

2. Category of issue: Economy
3. Level of issue: National
4. Article concern:  How Obama and congressional leaders can come to terms with reduced national debt amount and automatic spending cuts.
5. How does this affect families/individuals?
The fact that there is so much separation now with the two parties this can cause future turmoil for economic growth in the US. Individuals such as first generation college students trying to begin their future or even generations now who are trying to pave their way into the working force. With sequestration derived with military cuts, has already affected families across the board as to how to lower spending.
6. My view:
As what the article stated by Barak Obama, Mr. Obama said. “Our deficits are half of what they were a few years ago. The debt problems we have now are long term, and we can address them without shortchanging our kids, or shortchanging our grandkids, or weakening the security that current generations have earned from their hard work.” There has to be agreement overall within both parties. Without this there can be no economic growth or confidence for generations to come. The no grand bargain, as was discussed in the article exemplified the common ground for negotiations, neither party want this. But at the end of the day it should be about what is best for the American people. The common ground should be reflected by what the people want and need.

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