Thursday, October 24, 2013

Unlocked Vehicles Targeted in Thefts


2. Category of Issue: Theft

3. Level of Issue: Local

4. This article concerns families and individuals who live in New Braunfels.

5. How/why this affects families and individuals?
 - This article affects families because they believe that they live in a safe neighborhood and are trying to raise their kids not being scared of theft and crimes. These families need to learn to take all precautions and know that theft could happen anywhere.

6. My views
 - This article hits very close to home to me because, I too, have had my purse stolen out of my car because I left the door unlocked. I had gone to Vegas and only brought a little clutch with me and left my big purse in my trunk. While I was there I kept getting fraud alerts through my phone and thought I had all my credit cards with me so I was confused, however, it turns out I had left one behind as well as my car and house keys, gift cards, and several other things in my purse. My cousins purse was also in the car and got stolen as well. Once I realized what had happened, my first that was frustration. I don't understand why anyone would go around and steal other people's belongings for their own benefits. I know they probably just took my walet and through my purse in a ditch somewhere. Then, once I stepped back for a minute, I took the blame. Theft is an issue that is occuring more and more in our world today, no matter where we are from. When we make it easier for theives, the more they are going to continue to do it. Families everywhere need to take precautions such as locking their car door everytime, and locking their front and back doors whether they are home or away. It makes me sad that this is an issue we have to seriously consider and watch. I don't want to live in fear that the worst is always going to happen, and you shouldn't live like that. While saying that, you still need to be careful and don't make it easy for those who chose to live a life stealing instead of earning. 

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  1. I'm sorry some jerk stole your purse. That must have sucked. I think people do need to protect themselves better though. Its unfortunate that there are thieve in this world but there are. We have to teach our children to protect themselves too. I wouldn't leave my baby at home with the door unlocked. As of right now, my purse IS my baby. I used to wait tables and there were a ton of thefts in the parking lot there especially to employee cars since we had to park in the back part of the parking lot to give the customers priority parking. Well there were a lot of break ins, about two a week. Our manager told us that thieves usually only steal something they can see. His advice to us was to either keep our car really really clean and have everything put away or keep it really really dirty that way a robber looks at the mess and moves on. My roommate had his truck parked at the river and his car got broken into. Why? Because his laptop was out in the open. It was unfortunate and devastating for him but he learned his lesson. I'm sorry you had to learn yours the hard way!