Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boy Carrying Toy Gun is Shot Dead by Deputies

1. The Article

2. Gun Issues

3. National Level

4. A problem that a family faces but could be a problem others face as well.

5. This is an important event to take a look at because it goes to show that we need more gun control. We also need to be aware of the toys and objects that are marketed to young children because it could cause a misunderstanding like this tragedy.

6. I have always been against guns. This event justifies why exactly guns are detrimental to our society. Children from a very young age are bombarded with "weapon" looking toys and should not be that way. This incident could have been easily avoided if there had not been so many shootings in the past week and months. Americans live in constant paranoia and it makes me mad, you have a higher chance of dying on the highway that by someone shooting you. So why purchase guns? If people didn't have guns or sell toy guns we would not have tragedies like this one happening. I understand how the child could have been seen as a threat but they could have said to drop the weapon, and later could have figured out that it was not a real gun. And that goes back to my first point. We should stop selling toy guns, toy weapons in general because I am almost positive this has not been the first time someone got shot because of that misunderstanding. Gun laws should also be enforce much more. The lovely girl that was murdered last week with a gun could have possibly been avoided if the roommate of the guy that killed her didn't own a gun. I think guns are useless and only bring problems, and apparently so do toy guns.

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