Friday, October 11, 2013

A Study in Lowering Tuition

1. A Study in Lowering Nutrition, The Wall Street Journal, 10/11/2013, page A3 (Article at bottom of blog)
2. Category: Education/Tuition Costs
3. National
4. Some colleges are considering lowering cost of tuition which will affect college students and their families.
5. By lowering tuition expenses, more students who pay full price and don't use financial aid or have scholarships will be able to better afford a college education. It may actually damage the reputation of the Universities though, and degrees from those school may not be considered as prestigious. 
6. Colleges are debating whether lowering tuition will benefit them in the long run. By attracting more students, their tuition would make up for the difference. Although, the schools would also lower discounts to tuition. Since such a small percentage of students pay full price, it may not make any difference for them, or maybe they would end up paying more...It would definitely attract people like me who qualify for very little financial aid even though I've been independent for years, working full-time, etc. The financial aid for me is more of a hassle than it's worth, so I'm a part of the small percentage of people that end up paying full-price. Other people are either well-off and don't need financial aid...For them it might be a negative change because, like the article says, people attach more value to more expensive things. This tactic definitely seems like a good strategy for schools with decreasing enrollment and that are competing with other nearby schools.

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