Friday, October 25, 2013

Full testing of began too late, contractors say

Week 8 Article #1

1. (Goldstein, Amy). Full testing of began too late, contractors say. October 24, 2013. Washington Post

2. Category: Healthcare

3. Level: Nationwide

4. This article concerns: The new website,, for individuals to sign up for healthcare on October 1st was giving many technical problems due to the overload of users trying to sign up for insurance.

5. Why is this important?
This is important because many individuals who did not have insurance are now able to apply online for insurance and due to the system overload it pushed back those users to do so. They state in the article; "This system just wasn’t tested enough" and that "We are putting into place a much more rigorous testing process now" to fix the problem soon to help individuals to sign up for health insurance. 

6. What are your views?
Health care is so important to every individual and we always need to think about the cost of it, due to Obama's new Affordable Care Act, many individuals are able to sign up for insurance. Due to the system failing and being able to take accept the overuse of this website is simply a mishap and the people working in IT didn't properly prepare themselves for a system overload.
Many people were locked out and kept receiving error messagaes. I bet it was pretty annoying for those who encountered that problem because those people have waited for so long without insurance, that they finally had the chance to do so. The fact of the matter is that it has now been a few weeks that have passed by and they are still trying to fix the issue and need to resolve as soon as possible to allow those individuals to sign up!

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