Friday, October 25, 2013

Suspect in San Marcos Double Homocide


2. Category of Issue: Homocide

3. Level of Issue: Local

4. This article concerns residents, families, students, co-workers, individuals and the entire community of San Marcos.

5. This article affects families and individuals by the tragedy and fear set into those who were close to the victims or those who just knew of them. This article affects the entire community, making them fearful, sad, and confused as ever. These poor victims left a legacy behind that San Marcos will continue to carry on.

6. My Views
- I just want to start this article by giving my thoughts and prayers to the victims families and friends. I wanted to write about this article because it affected so many people close to me, especially throughout the Fashion Merchandising program. This incident is so incredibly sad. I feel connected with this because she was my age, my major, had a boyfriend, and thought everything was going perfect. It scares me so much to know that one day something as crazy as this can just take your life away from you. Hailey never anticipated this when she started dating the shooter, she never realized anything of this sorts when they broke up. This is why this enstills fear into the community of San Marcos, because we start to realize that this could have happened to anyone. I pray for Hailey and her boyfriend every day hoping that their families are coping the best way possible and remembering the beautiful life they had and shared. My heart hurts for everyone involed and I hope the community of San Marcos can come together and bring good from this tragic moment. As life goes on for the rest of us, we need to remember the memories many of us might have had with both of these victims and try to keep safe within ourselves. R.I.P Hailey, Daniel, and Jesse. Your legacy will live on and know that you are missed.

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