Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Va. state police cite 328 drivers for texting under new law


2. level: state

3. category: texting

4. This article concerns that more than 300 motorists have been cited by the state police in Virginia for texting while driving.

5. How this affects individuals/families: Since this law went into affect in July there have been hundreds of people getting caught for texting and driving, and that's just what is on record. They are starting to enforce this law in more and more states for the safety of everyone on the roads. By having this law enforced it is keeping other people on the road safe from people who are violating this law and also trying to reduce the amount of people who are texting while driving because it is very to dangerous to the people around and also to the person who is doing the texting.

6. My input: Even though I am guilty of doing this sometimes, I do think that this law should be enforced in more states. There has been numerous amounts of people who have died because of texting in driving or killed someone else by it. Texting is not worth your life and i think just by telling someone that isn't going to work, it's going to take a law to maybe stop half who are doing it from doing it. Maybe when people start getting tickets for it it might help reduce the amount of people wanting to text and drive. Most people think its just one text its not going to hurt anyone but a lot of the times those one time texts can cause a catastrophe. I've personally had a good friend die partly because he was texting late at night, since then I really don't do it that much. I do catch myself once in a while doing it without even thinking but then I kind of talk myself out of it knowing that it is highly possible to kill myself just by sending a text message or harm others in the act. To most younger people if they pass this law in more and more states it is probably going to be annoying to them but mostly because they just don't understand what can happen until it is too late. Most of the time it takes the death of a friend or family matter to realize how dangerous it is which is sad. Overall, I hope this law gets spread to more states so that less deaths and accidents will occur because honestly it is just not worth it. This happens way too much and enforcing a law is going to be the only way we can reduce this from happening on a day to day basis.

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