Friday, October 25, 2013

Nev. School Shooting Probe Includes Bullying Video


2. Category of Issue: Violence

3. Level of Issue: State

4. This article concerns families and individuals on a local, state, and national level as this issue of violence continues to rise.

5. This article affects families and individuals who, not only were directly affected by this tragedy, but everyone who was involved emotionally or physcially in this terrible incident. Violence is an issue that everyone in our nation is concerned with and the path to solving this issue is a long road.

6. My Views
- Violence has become an issue that is overtaking our world. It is tragic to see how guns and children have become a thing we see correlated more and more. Violence in schools has become an issue that we see being more involved with school bullying as well. Bullying is a huge problem that many schools are starting to focus their efforts on. With the dramatic bullying that is occuring at schools these days, we hear of more suicides, depressions, and shootings from the victims. This article never stated if the young shooter was bullied or not, however, it did talk about a video that had been circling around the school showing ways of not acting out if you happen to be bullied. Allthough this video had the right intentions, it seems as though they went about it the wrong way. This video showed a kid rebelling and shooting when he was being bullied, instead of showing the right way to react. To young children, it is hard to get this message out when it is showing that. When making videos, the maker needs to know their target audience and cater to that. Not saying that this video is why the young boy took a gun to school and shot his teacher, classmates, and himself, however, it might have put the thought in his mind. I don't know what the solution is, but I hope that we can soon find some way to stop violence at such a young age and stop the tragedies that are happening in our schools all over America. 

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