Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Obama to Push Congress to Act On Immigration

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2. Immigration

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4. A potential policy that might be considered that could benefit millions of families and individuals.

5. This issue is very important and it affects millions of families. Families all over the country don't get the proper treatment and benefits for the hard work they do and live in constant fear of being deported to their home country.

6. It's about time President Obama pushes Congress to do something about this issue. People are being exploited on the daily because they do not get proper work benefits and do not work in proper work conditions. They can't complain because that's all they want a job in order to be successful and possible achieve the "American Dream," which is not as achievable as it used to be. I have family that lives in Mississippi and they live in constant fear. If you are not aware that is a very racist state and they get stopped all the time for no reason to check their legality of being a citizen. I have family that has been torn apart because they were immigrants, and so yes I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. People need to realize that this is a melting pot and these immigrants are here to work hard and not take the jobs from them rather do the jobs they don’t have a desire of doing, ever. The sad truth is that even though our country is messed up others’ are too, and worse, which is why they come to this country to seek opportunity. Obama needs to push Congress more, it’s time for change. The only way this country will get better is we move forward. Times change and this country must adapt.

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