Tuesday, October 8, 2013

State Gets Waiver From No Child Left Behind

2.     Category: Education
3.     Level: State
4.     This articles concerns students in Texas schools.
5.     This concerns schools because this waiver from No Child Left Behind will have the bottom fifteen percent of schools have concentrated help to help their students achieve better testing scores. Targeting these schools won’t bring down the schools that do have higher scores and they can continue with their education. The low-performing schools can get the funding they need to have better programs and they no longer have to set aside money for tutoring and they could maybe use it for books and better equipment.
6.     I feel like this waiver might work. If there is a struggle with low-performing schools then we should concentrate on bringing them up to par with the schools that are performing better. The article stated that during the legislative session, the section that would relate low scores to teachers’ evaluations was dropped from the bill. I think that connection would make sense and could make a big difference. If teachers aren’t helping students reach their academic potential and it reflects in the students’ test scores then a change needs to be done. I hope that section can eventually make its way into the bill someday. But starting off with concentrating on the fifteen percent of the lowest performing schools could be a change in the right direction to have a better education system. 

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