Friday, October 11, 2013

Largely Unchecked, Tutors Got Millions Through Program

2.     Category: Education
3.     Level: State
4.     This issue concerns students who needed extra help with their studies.
5.     The issue has been brought up after the No Child Left Behind Act has been waivered and tutoring companies have provided insufficient services to help these students, who really needed help with their academics.
6.     It’s really disappointing to see so much money go to waste when it was meant to make improvements for students’ test scores. What’s more disappointing is that state officials didn’t really do anything after complaints were made. Since scores for schools didn’t improve they had to spend more and more money on tutoring that was completely inadequate. It’s a really terrible situation. You think you can trust people to do the right thing when it comes to the fundamentals of a child’s future by making sure that they get the best kind of education but instead people who didn’t even pass criminal background checks are tutoring them.  The state needs to have stronger reinforcements to make sure these tutoring services are following through with the standards and maybe random check ins as well as a more thorough process when hiring employees. A student's education is too important and major changes should be made. 

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