Friday, October 18, 2013

Donor egg pregnancies on the rise, US study finds

1. (October 17, 2013)

2. Category: Health

3. Level: National (Study in Chicago)

4. This article concerns a US study that determined that donor egg pregnancies were becoming more popular.

5. Being able to receive donor eggs for a female who is infertile can be very important. If the woman is having complications with getting pregnant, she could be able to use donated eggs instead. This is becoming a more popular way to get pregnant today and the number of people donating their eggs is increasing as well. This affects individuals and families because it could give woman the chance to have a child, where before they might not have been able to.

6. I think that people donating their eggs is a positive thing. Some woman rely on this to be able to have children of their own. I know that as a woman, I would kind of feel less "woman-like" if I could not have a child, so people donating their eggs gives women this opportunity that they ultimately might not have had before. The only down side of using donated eggs, as the study in the article shows, is that some woman may not carry out the baby full-term. There are many side effects such as jaundice, feeding problems, eye difficulties and breathing problems. Even though a baby (who came from a donated egg) could potentially have these problems, a baby (who was not conceived through in vitro fertilization) could still be born with the same birth problems. Personally, I think that if people are willing to help out another woman by donating their eggs, this should continue to be encouraged unless more problems occur.

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