Tuesday, October 22, 2013

7 inmates used forged papers in escape attempts

1. http://hosted2.ap.org/TXNEW/cbf3767d533b4c4aae30db330aaf62aa/Article_2013-10-22-Prison-Mistaken%20Release/id-6f21d3595b904d56a3c4290ba0f16efa (October 22, 2013)

2. National (Florida)

3. Break-In Jail System

4. This article concerns seven inmates that used forged documents to escape prison.

5. This effects individuals and families because people around that area (Tallahassee, FL) could feel that their lives were in danger. Although the inmates were captured, who is to say that this has not happened before? Parents might be more cautious in sending their children to school in the mornings and leaving them alone at home.

6. I think that this is ridiculous. The clerks should pay more attention and really do more thorough validity check on the paperwork that goes in and out of their offices. Luckily, the two inmates (convicted murderers) that used the paperwork to be released (2 were successful) were found in a local motel. I think that some of the precautions that they are taking, such as changing the policies for early prisoner releases and changing how orders are filed were much needed. One of the officers signed an order than prohibits judicial orders at drop off boxes, which I think is crazy because why would you let somebody drop off official documents in a box that other people can access in the first place? I think more precautions and orders should be signed to protect individuals and families, safety is definitely an issue.

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