Friday, October 11, 2013

Outside National Parks, Feeling Squeezed by the Shutdown

2. Type of category: Government and Jobs
3. Level of category: National
4. What it's about: The Zion national park in Utah is really feeling the burden of the shutdown as it looses income in it's busiest month.
5. Who this affects: The people that work in national parks that are out of work because of the shutdown. Also, the shops nears parks that are not receiving as much traffic due to decreased visitors since the shutdown.
6. My thoughts: It's time to handle this already. Like the lady in the article said, " We don't care whose fault it is, fix it." I would agree with that. A decision needs to be made. Too much money is being lost and it's affecting the economy. They said that what this shutdown has done to their business is similar to that of what an earthquake would do to business. A catastrophic event is being compared to our government's indecisiveness. That says a lot. According to the article, the shutdown is costing parks across the U.S. over 76 million dollars! That's a lot of cheddar.

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