Friday, October 4, 2013

Federal Government Shutdown to Keep Texas Workers Home

2.     Category: Economic
3.     Level: National
4.     This issue affects everybody in the country, but more importantly the government employed and government aided.
5.     With Congress still undecided about budgeting for the year, government funding has been halted until further notice. This poses a big issue for Texas, especially because it is ranked number three in the volume of government employees.
6.     This shutdown really concerns me. There are a lot of individuals and families that will suffer from this. The article stated that NASA will close and border control will have delayed paychecks. My parents are both government employees at the VA hospital and they are only getting paid up until December and so it can really affect my family and I personally if the issue persists. The Affordable Care Act is the main issue with this shutdown and after hearing in class that most people are opposed to it probably just because the government is insisting on having insurance makes me lean more towards it. The policy isn’t going to work for everyone but if Montana and Massachusetts had policies like this one then maybe it can work out. It saved them some money and that can be a good thing. 

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  1. I was confused about the government shutdown at first because I didn’t know much about it. Then we talked about it in class and I talked about it with my sister some more. Her husband is in National Guard and he is deployed right now, which means he is still getting paid. If he wasn’t deployed then he would not be making money right now. She is trying to get her law firm up and running which means she is not making any money right now. We are both concerned. I don’t like that during this time that everyone is going to be out of a job that Congress is still getting paid. That makes me kind of angry actually. I understand that they need to come to a decision and they can’t. I don’t like the idea that because of the Affordable Care Act that I have to get insurance now but if it is mandatory and the cost of it is driven down because of this then maybe I won’t mind it. It worked in two other states. Two for two is not bad. We shall see. Until then, Congress needs to get a move on it.