Thursday, October 17, 2013

A State Inquiry Is Said to Target Job Agencies

Week 7 Article #2 

1. Turkewitz, Julie. A State Inquiry Is Said to Target Job Agencies. 
    October 14, 2013. New York Times

2.Category of Problem: Employment

3. Level of Problem: State level (New York)

4. This article concerns: 

 Employment agencies play an essential role in many city neighborhoods, brokering work or job training for low-skilled and illegal immigrants, in exchange for a fee. But with a weak economy and many people desperate for jobs, fraudulent practices are common.

5. This article affects individuals/families: 

This article affects many individuals who really need a job and who end up getting robbed in broad day light by employment agencies who have been posting fake jobs.

6. What are your views?
I feel it is completely wrong what employment agencies in New York are doing. How can they think they would get away with something like this? Many people are fighting amongst many applicants to get a job so they are able to pay for bills and support themselves and their families. By lying to these people and taking their money with nothing in return is outrageous.It needs to come to an end soon, because those innocent people who are in desperate needs for jobs are left in the dark with no one to turn to. I understand every business is open for business and to make money but not by indirectly stealing it with a fake promise. These employment agencies are targeting immigrants that have recently come to the US or are illegal residents here and they are afraid to speak up. Many of these people who respond to job ads from these agencies are given jobs for a very low pay and have to work in abusive conditions or they offered training of some sort related to the job such as if they applied for a nightly watchman at a building or a nanny. I personally feel what these employment agencies are doing is wrong and that if they post a job or ask for money from the potential candidate, that they need to man up to their word and give them a job. 

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