Friday, October 4, 2013

Lawmaker defends Prada Marfa against permit questions

1. The Article

2. Tourism

3. Local level

4. A possible act that is being imposed on a tourist attraction could cause a decline in the economy of a town.

5. If the permit were to be required this piece of art could be taken away. This would take away a big tourist attraction from this small town that could cause their economy to lower since they depend on this attraction heavily.

6. I don't agree with Texas asking for permits. Yes, it may be advertising but it is not the purpose of this piece of art. That's what it is, a piece of art. I find it refreshing especially in such a small town like Marfa, Tx. What are the odds that Prada's customers will increase because of this attraction, people know what Prada is the designer label does not need much advertising. It's been there for 8 years and now Texas is bringing this issue out. If it were to be taken down, like state Rep. Poncho Nevarez said, it would be detrimental for this town. Many people visit this site yearly because it is different and the influx of money tourists bring in to the town is one of the big components that make this town running and well. I don't think it should be bothered with it's art, something we should support more in general.

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